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The History of Online Slot Machines

Posted by bestcasino | Posted in Online Casino Games, Online Slots | Posted on 28-09-2022

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If you ask most people what the most emblematic image of any casino is, most people will tell you the slot machine. These are immensely popular and creates the bright lights that illuminate Las Vegas each year. However, you no longer need to go to Las Vegas to experience the sheer thrill that slot machines have to offer. Instead, you can access through your laptop or PC in the comfort of your own home, which many people do nowadays.

The history of slot machines

Original Mills Brownie Slot MachineThe popularity of slot machines both online and land-based are long standing, and that’s because they have existed for a long time in one form or another in many countries around the world. In England they are known under the name “fruit machines”, in Australia the “poker machines”. No matter what you call them, they exist in the game rooms and casinos around the globe. They were created in 1891 by two men from Brooklyn, New York, successfully inventing the first slot.

The machine Sittman and Pitt gave birth to is what have come to know as the modern slot machine. Their creation has proved so popular it was quickly found in many bars in New York, where customers were trying to gain hands to get free beer or cigars. Following their success, many companies and individuals have tried their luck in making their own machines. In just the past few years slots started to become really profitable and started off in the world of gambling. So much so that it is now estimated to represent 70% of total revenue of casino games.

Slots Online

Slots are available at the best online casinos, and many of them offer free play. These machines seem to be the perfect answer to the problem of “how to attract customers” and bring them back. As a result, many online casinos have the same recipes as their terrestrial counterparts!

Slots online work exactly the same as those found in land-based casinos. The only real difference is that you press buttons with your mouse and not with your hands. Similarly you can earn money and win the jackpot via a computer. While visiting a casino is a different experience, availability of online gaming makes them really accessible to everyone. You can play as many times as you want without taking your car for a drive. We are well in the 21st century!

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